Ice Cream Man From Hell  

The Beginning

The Beginning
Beginning Truck

A number of years ago, my wife Anna and I, started an ice cream
street vending company called "Anna's Ice Cream". That's right,
we did it the old fashioned way, selling from door to door. Rekindling
my interest in custom car and motorcycle building, I concentrated on
ice cream related vehicles. Through the training I received at Somerset
County Vocational School, I reconditioned my first mid-fifties Chevrolet ice cream truck.
Old Wall
Then moving on to ice cream push carts and early   
style ice cream peddle bicycles, I ultimately built my
1971 Harley Davidson Ice Cream Servicar.
Finally people at these rallies, both car and motorcycle alike, realized
that I really did sell ice cream. "Hmm, maybe it was my ice cream uniform that got 'em." It wasn't long before people started referring to
me as the "Ice Cream Man From Hell". "I guess it was that volcanic ensemble I wear!"
Jim John Shortly there after, people were calling ME to show up at their events and
use me as a promotional item. Imagine that, after hearing "no", so many
times in the past. My persistence, determination, and continuous action in
one direction, has ultimately brought me this far. From prime time T.V.
talk shows, to countless amounts of magazine and radio show interviews.
Jim Interview
Make no mistake about it, I'm still  available and booking events!  That's right, from  car shows, bike shows, pool parties, barmitzvahs, weddings, funerals, graduations, divorces, KKK rallies, Baptist reunions, grand openings, birth- days, holidays, Sundays, and ..... (DEEEEEP BREATH) Jim Beach
Jims Pic let's not forget bluegrass festivals, wet tee shirt contests, pig roasts, baptisms, communions, jail release parties, company picnics, sex parades, open houses, confessions still heard on Saturdays, and basically anything from the cradle to the grave. You think it, I'll pick it, you lick it.  That's right, I'm the hardest workin man in ice cream!!!

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