Ice Cream Man From Hell  

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"Jimmy's personality radiates throughout these pages, I heard him talking to me like he was standing right by my side.    I loved it!"    --- Pulsating Paula

 "No stones were left unthrown.  What great read! I left confused."   --- Indian Larry


"I never realized what a bad ass the Ice Cream Man From Hell is/was/could be?  I always regarded you as a guy wearing a costume.  Kinda like Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean, or some convoluted dark side Disney character.  Thanks to bringing some balance to all the overwhelming good shit. 

You know what is missing in peoples lives.  After we grow up and find out all those fancy fairytales about the Tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa clause aren't  real---we get depressed.  Around the same time we find out that the really good stuff is sex and alcohol!  I think a lot of us replace those childhood fantasies with adult ones.  Thank God this story is real, its better then the fake stuff that gets forced fed to us. 

I noticed the review quote from Indian Larry.  I'm glad he got to read the book before his fateful last great display of daring freedom, and lets face it...stupidity.  The crowds pushed him to be a super hero, we all wanted to believe that if Superman wasn't real, dammit at least Indian Larry was.  All in all I'm leaving your book slightly confused, like Larry.  I'm not sure if I despise you, or like you. 

I've never liked violent people.  When I was young, a few of them made my life difficult.  I've never liked the feeling that someone disliked me enough to do me bodily harm.   It's not just the physical pain; it's disturbing to be around people like that.  Kind of like your experience with the police; I guess that's what discrimination is like.  You've never offended me personally, and now that I have read your book I'm unsure whether to be sad or grateful for that!  I like your sense of humor, though I don't know how comfortable I am with your morals.  I don't believe in violence--like you give a shit! 

I really love the heroin in this story---your wife Anna.  Anna, there is a place for you in heaven.            --- Glen Egrott





 " It's the best coming of age story, you'd never believe that you need to read it...but you do!  Certainly not for the faint at heart.  This book rips into man's most basic needs, exposing them for anyone who dares to read it.  Love, hate, fear, and acceptance in their true, most raw form, come full circle.  You won't believe where this tale takes you!  You could've never imagine the path it takes to get there.  And lucky or not...YOU'RE NEXT!"              -- Lori Barnard              


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